1.Purchasing & Payment


  • I would like to find out prices about the machine that I saw on your website.

   Please fill up the “Inquiry Information” form in every machine detailed page with all the details which are mentioned on the form. Our marketing department will then send to you an offer based on your requirement, or kindly send an email with your requirement to sales@wfyongcheng.com, it will be answered within 24 hours.

  •  What is the price of your machines?

   The price of the machines depends on the model of the machine that you buy. The price also depends on the additional features and facilities. And the price of our machines is always competitive in this industry.

  • Does your price include the cost of sending the machine to my country?

   No. we will give you an ex-factory (FOB) price firstly. The cost of shipping will be informed to you after you tell us the place of the final destination. Add the shipping cost to the machine price will give you the CIF price.

  •  What form of payment is acceptable for buying your machines?

   We prefer to be paid by bank-to-bank wire transfer (T/T) and L/C is also acceptable for us.


2. Demonstration


  •  Can we see a machine in operation in our country?

   Maybe, or maybe not. Most of our customers do not like strangers or competitors to visit their factories. We face this problem commonly in most countries, we will try to help you to see the machine, but we also have to respect the privacy of our customers. Please send email to sales@wfyongcheng.com to get information of installations in your country.

  • Can we visit your factory to see your machines?

   Yes. You are always welcome to visit our factory in China. Just let us know when you would like to come. We shall advise you on your flight bookings, help with your hotel bookings, and pick you up at the airport. You will be our honoured guest while you are in our country.

  • How will we know if your machines are suitable for our products?

   Please check our machine videos to confirm firstly, then contact our manager to get an asnwer by sending email to sales@wfyongcheng.com .If you are still not sure that your product will be compatible with our machines, please send a sample of your product to us. Our expert here will analysis the sample and send a report to you by email.


3.Delivery & Shipment


  •  Are your machines available ready at your factory, or do we have to wait for delivery?

    Flexo printing press are always made against specific orders of our customers. We will start the manufacturing process once our cilent confirms the order.

 Automatic die cutting machine we always have some model in stock, please contact our manager to check. 

  • How long do we have to wait?

   It depends on the complexity of the machine which of the order. Generally for a standard machine, flexo printing press you have to wait 6 to 8 weeks.

Automaticdie cutting machine you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks. 

  • How long does it take to ship the machine to us by sea?

   It depends on the port to which we ship the machine. When we send our offer to you, we generally can tell you the transit time. The average time is around 15-35 days according to our experiences.


4.Installation & Performance

  •  Can you send an engineer to set up your machine for us?

  Yes. We can send an after sales engineer to set up our machine in your factory and also train up your operators for operation and general maintenance.

  • How much do you charge for that?

   This is total free service at the first time! Only local expenses for transportation, accommodation and meals in your country are to be borne by you.

  • How will you install the machine in my factory?

    Flexo printing press will be installed and tested by our after sales engineer. This will need 1-2 engineers and may take around 15-20 days.

Automatic die cutting machine will be installed and tested by our after sales engineer. Only 1 engineer is enough and may take around 10-15 days.

  • What can we do if we face any problems?

    We are available on the telephone and email for consultations every day of the week for technical assistance to all of our customers.


5.Warranty & Spares


  • Does your machine carry any guarantee?

   Yes. Our machines are warranted for one year against any manufacturing defects.

  •  What happens if any part is found defective within the warranty period?

   Small pieces will be offered total free and we help cilents replace by easy operation. Important pieces we will send an engineer.

  •  If we need the machine to be overhauled after a few years, how can you help us?

   In a few years if you need your machine to be overhauled, you or your technical staff would normally have become familiar enough to do the job yourself. We will offer all the technical      support and required spares. If you need the physical presence of our technical staff, that is also possible as written in the previous answer.

  •  Do you supply any spares with your machines?

    Yes. We recommend that you should keep a basic inventory of spares and consumables which should last you for about 2 years operation. We will provide a packing list of all spares        along with machine.


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